Wythe-Bland Foundation Announces Grants

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Wythe-Bland Foundation recently awarded $1.6 million in 33 grants to not-for-profit groups providing services to residents in Wythe and Bland counties.

This brings the total community investment made by the foundation since its creation to $27,647,830.

In addition, the foundation has budgeted $425,000 for the Wytheville Community College Scholarship Program. The scholarship ensures residents and graduates of Wythe and Bland schools have the opportunity to receive a certificate or degree from the college tuition free. To date, the foundation has provided funding to 1,066 students for a total of $3,469,789. As a condition of the scholarship, students are required to volunteer 40 hours of service to a not-for-profit organization providing service to Wythe and Bland County residents. This has resulted in approximately 44,640 hours of community service.

The grant investments by the foundation further its mission to provide opportunities to promote collaboration among not-for-profit service providers and create a healthier community. The foundation awarded the following grants for fiscal year 2018:

Bland County Farmers Market: Market Operations – $4,000

​Bland County Parks & Recreation: Park Fitness Equipment – $15,000

​Bland County Rescue Squad: Portable Transport Ventilator – $5,000

Bland County Public Schools: STEM-UP Program – $107,100

Bland County Medical Clinic: Equipment and Clinical Operations – $109,400

​Bland Ministry Center: Dental Clinic – $166,000

​Brain Injury Services of SWVA: Case Management & “CLiC” Project – $44,000

​Brock Hughes Medical Clinic: Operations – $325,000

​Family Resource Center: Therapy Services Program – $54,000

​Feeding America SWVA: Mobile Food Pantry – $18,900

​HOPE, Inc.: Nonprofit Bookkeeping Project – $74,000

​HOPE, Inc.: HOPE Packs – $130,000

​Lead Mines Rescue Squad: Cardiac Monitor & Defibrillators – $33,000

Mount Rogers Health District: Vaccine Program – $115,500

Mountain CAP: Emergency Transportation Program – $16,000

​One-on-One Literacy: “Eat for Life” Project – $8,500

Rural Retreat Depot Foundation: Market Operations – $8,000

Rx Partnership: Medication Access for Brock Hughes Medical Clinic – $10,000

​Town of Wytheville: Rock House Kitchen Project – $10,000

​Town of Wytheville: “Fit for Life” Program – $62,000

​Town of Wytheville: Pass Plan Scholarships – $30,000

United Way of Southwest Virginia: Family Outreach Project – $4,000

​United Way of Southwest Virginia: “Ignite” Project – $21,100

​United Way of Southwest Virginia: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance – $5,000

United Way of Wythe County: Matching Funds – $10,000

WCPS Foundation for Excellence: Summer Enrichment – $95,800

​Wythe County: “Shape Up at Sheffey” Project – $15,800

​Wythe County Rescue Squad: Cardiac Monitor for EMS Vehicle – $33,000

​Wythe County Sheriff’s Department: “Operation Heart” Project – $44,000

​Wythe County Breast Cancer Coalition: “Ladies’ Night Out” – $7,200

Wytheville Farmers Market: Market Operations – $7,100

​Wytheville Lions Club: Hearing Project – $1,500

​Wytheville Lions Club: Vision Project – $10,100

The foundation’s next deadline for applications is Aug. 1, 2018. All Wythe and Bland not-for-profit organizations that provide health, education and welfare in those service areas are invited to submit an application. For assistance with a grant application or to obtain additional information, contact the Wythe-Bland Foundation office or visit their website at www.ebfoundation.com.

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This story was originally published in the SouthWest Virginia Today on October 19, 2017.