Our telehealth program brings our BISSWVA clients together through user-friendly assistive technology and the Internet to form small individual learning groups that provide support, education, social, and cognitive skill building.

about the program

Groups of brain injury survivors and trained facilitators come together via an Internet-based, videoconferencing platform. This allows participants and  facilitators to interact and communicate using live video, audio, and instant-messaging technology.

a typical session

Group sessions are conducted twice a week for a 10-week period known as a “round.” Each small group has a specially trained facilitator.  

A session typically begins with socializing and catching up among participants. The facilitator then introduces the agenda for the day and leads group members through a semi-structured session that typically includes cognitive exercises such as puzzle-solving or word games, group discussion about activities including cooking, reading, service projects, or recreational outings. Sometimes a group establishes a book club featuring one or more of the many excellent publications relating to brain injury. A guest speaker or music therapist may be featured. As one client said: “CLiC did more for me than medication or any other kind of consultation.”

  • social development

    Greeting and informal conversation

  • organizational

    Discussion of the day’s agenda, SMART goal progress, home exercise discussion

  • executive function & problem solving

    In-class activities, discussion club, activity planning, puzzles, word games

  • cognitive and memory

    Cognitive and compensatory strategies

  • brain injury education

    Topic associated with brain injury (may include guest speaker)

  • Wellness

    Includes mindfulness, yoga, music, art, and creative writing

  • Closing of Session

    Wrap up, review, and discussion

to participate

Participants must meet these requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age

  • currently receiving BISSWVA case management services

  • Be at least one-year post-injury

  • Have adequate visual, motor, and language skills to use a computer

  • Have access to broadband Internet connection


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