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The mission of Brain Injury Services of SWVA is to help children and adults living with brain injury improve the quality of their lives and reintegrate into family and community.

From Our Clients

Case Manager Kristina“It is very helpful for us that you have Case Managers that are caring and willing to help in any way possible. [Our Case Manager] is a great Case Manager. Thank you for letting her be here for us.”

“Whenever we call with a question or request, we get it taken care of. [Our Case Manager] has always helped us with what we asked, even if it is just to listen.”

“I would like to extend our appreciation to [our case manager] for helping us reach our goals.”

“[Our Case Managers] are very caring people. They were ready to do anything they could to help make things easier for us. [They] always called to let me know what was happening and always asked if they could do anything for us. Very special people.” Young Kids

“Everything was incredibly helpful. Camp Bruce McCoy and the computer services will be the most beneficial. I love my Case Manager and Life Skills Trainer. I find BIS SWVA at the top of all my treatment [professionals] and feel it offers me the most help.”

“I'm involved in [the goal-setting] process for the first time since my brain injury in January 2001. It makes me feel important and in charge of my life.”

“They have assisted us with a lot of programs and information we were not aware of. [They] have been very compassionate and caring concerning our situation. [They] are the most professional people to deal with. They work with you on such a personal level.”

“They have helped us with the school system as far as what was expected and should be done. Counseling for the family. All kinds of information from behavioral to what to expect later on. And how to deal with these problem situations.”

Client Survivor“I received great feedback from the people at BIS SWVA, as well as helpful information on who I needed to see or speak to.”

“I found all of the services that were offered to me to be helpful. I would not change any of the services that are offered.”

“They have helped me do as much as I can.”

From Our CLiC Participants

“CLiC has changed my life!”

“(They) are a group of friends I now have. Folks I can count on. (CLiC) made more of a difference in my attitude and feelings than medications or other counselors. I was in a nasty black hole before CLiC.”
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“Brain Injury Services of SWVA is funded in part by state general funds appropriated by the Virginia General Assembly and administered by the
Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services”