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The mission of Brain Injury Services of SWVA is to help children and adults living with brain injury improve the quality of their lives and reintegrate into family and community.
Rights and Responsibilities for Adult Clients

As a client, I have the right to:

  • … participate fully in all decisions regarding my program and the services that I receive.
  • … bring a parent, friend or advocate to a meeting with my Case Manager or any representative of Brain Injury Services of SWVA.
  • … expect that Brain Injury Services of SWVA will follow established federal and state guidelines regarding the release of personal information about my case or me.
  • … have the relevant procedures and forms explained to me by my Case Manager.
  • … have a copy of my case management plan and any amendments that are made to it.
  • … an annual review of my case management plan with my Case Manager to make certain that the goals and services listed in it are still appropriate.
  • … request changes to my case management plan in order to respond to any changes in my disability or other issues.
  • … disagree with the services I receive and discuss my feelings/problems with my Case Manager, the Program Director, then the Executive Director, in that order.
  • … file a grievance using the grievance procedures.
  • … receive services that are made accessible if I have a hearing, visual, or speech impairment.

As a client, I am responsible for:

  • … actively participating in the development of my personal goals in my case management plan.
  • … following through on agreements made in my case management plan and make satisfactory progress towards achieving my goal(s).
  • … keeping appointments or calling when it is necessary to reschedule or cancel a visit.
  • … offering information about my past and current situations.
  • … telling my Case Manager about changes in my life which may effect my services and/or goal(s).
  • … asking questions if I do not understand directions or information given to me.
  • … following through on financial obligations.
  • … actively participating in a treatment program if I have an alcohol or drug problem.
Non-Discrimination Policy:
Eligibility requirements for case management shall be applied without regard to sex, race, creed, and/or national origin. Reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) shall be provided to individuals served.
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“Brain Injury Services of SWVA is funded in part by state general funds appropriated by the Virginia General Assembly and administered by the
Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services”