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The mission of Brain Injury Services of SWVA is to help children and adults living with brain injury improve the quality of their lives and reintegrate into family and community.
Your Donation Is Important to Us!

Donor Generosity Keeps Us Alive
Brain Injury Services of SWVA appreciates the generous contributions many supporters, including you, make to our Non-Profit Organization. Through donations large and small, we provide services to help brain injury survivors and their families in Southwest Virginia.

These contributions allow us to provide critically needed services and support to clients, such as:

  • Case management services for survivors and their families;
  • Neuropsychological evaluations not covered by insurance;
  • Memory enhancing assistive devices, including Brain Train software, personal digital organizers, medication administration time keepers and way finders;
  • Counseling for families in trauma;
  • Survival guides for persons with brain injury and their families.

A New Way to Keep Hope Alive!
Brain Injury Services of SWVA is announcing the Jason Rooker Legacy Fund. Fran and Greg Rooker were inspired to transform their son Jason’s tragic death from brain injury into hope for others by creating two organizations. The Rookers established The Jason Foundation in 1998 and Brain Injury Services of SWVA in 2000 to provide the services and support they needed, but were unable to find, while coping with the aftermath of Jason’s brain injury.

Jason’s story has been the motivating force behind countless volunteer hours and contributions of many of the Rooker family members and friends. Brain Injury Services of SWVA Board of Trustees and staff members are, in turn, inspired by Jason’s life and wish to honor his memory through this naming.

The fund began with a significant contribution from the Rookers and has grown through wise investment decisions governed by the Board of Trustees. This special fund is structured so that a percentage will be available as a “Rainy Day Fund”, as the Board determines necessary, to insure that services continue to exist for families during critical economic times and for years to come.

Old and new friends of both The Jason Foundation and Brain Injury Services of SWVA now have two options by which to assist in keeping hope alive for people living with the disability of brain injury. Direct gifts may be made to Brain Injury Services of SWVA, or gifts may be made to its new Jason Rooker Legacy Fund in the form of annual donations or special gifts, including stock, insurance, or estate planned giving. Your gifts are sincerely appreciated.

Help Us Help Others
Your donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made through PayPal by clicking on the DONATE button below or by visiting our How to Help page for more options. On the review page of your donation page you will be able to make specific requests (ie: in memory of..., in honor of...). You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this option.

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Jason Rooker Legacy Fund
This special fund has been set up for those who wish to make a more lasting donation or an alternative donation to The Jason Foundation in Jason's memory, or in appreciation for the work Fran and Greg Rooker have done to advance the care for brain injury in Southwest Virginia. These funds will help to insure that Brain Injury Services of SWVA will have funds today and in the future to continue helping survivors of brain injuries to function at their highest potential.

Click on Jason's picture to donate to this special fund today. On the review your donation page you will be able to make specific requests (i.e.: in memory of…, in honor of...)

Contact Krystal Thompson at 1-866-720-1008 to discuss special gifting opportunities.

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“Brain Injury Services of SWVA is funded in part by state general funds appropriated by the Virginia General Assembly and administered by the
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